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The Most Compact Laser Engraver

Make an ordinary day extraordinary

Have fun with your ideas

Have fun with cubiio

Cubiio is an aluminum-alloy cube smaller than a baseball and lighter than an iPhone 7 Plus. We have not only shrunk the size but also the price.

Cubiio is absolutely easy-to-use, portable, and affordable. Every maker, baker, designer, and handcrafter can own his/her personal laser machine now.

Technology Inside Cubiio

Cubiio consists of a semiconductor laser source and two current-driven mirrors in order to deflect the laser beam along X and Y axes.

The embedded CPU translate your sketches into digital commands to tilt mirrors particularly. Then the focused laser spot will be projected to the target surface along the designed trajectory.

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Make an ordinary day extraordinary

3D printers were expensive and uncommon 10 years ago. Nowadays, 3D printers are affordable and every maker owns one.

After hard working for one year, the world’s most compact laser engraver has born.

No more assembly instructions to be followed. No more desktops to be occupied. We made it light, tiny, and beautiful. It fits perfectly in every studio, workshop, and your hand! Let me show you how cool this magic cube can be.

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Laser Module

Laser Module

Cubiio Suit

Cubiio Suit


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